Getting the Most out of IEx

Posted on April 3, 2017
Tags: presentations, elixir, iex


In early March, we held the first Baltimore Elixir and Erlang Meetup. As it was our first time doing something like this, we spent the early parts of the meetup introducing the group and ourselves. We also went around the room to get a sense of what the people that came out were hoping to get from the meetup. Finally, we had four few 5-10 minute lightning talks.

A huge part of programming for me is REPL driven prototyping, so I gave a talk with a few tips on how to leverage IEx for interactive development.

The slides can be viewed here.

Topics covered

  • What is IEx?
  • How to get help in IEx
  • Using IEx to get around
  • Reloading changes in modules
  • Using a .iex.exs file
  • Saving IEx history
  • Reusing results from previous expressions
  • Debugging
  • Remote shells

There are gifs and/or code examples for all of above points.